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High-tech equipment supplied by STARLINGER & Co. , allows us to produce unique textiles.

Hi speed loom
High-speed loom FX 10.0

Our production line:

  • Reactor for polycondensation (SSP) – works under vacuum and low temperature, which ensures dryness and additional cleaning of rPET flakes and at the same time increases the intrinsic viscosity of the raw material before extrusion.
  • Extruder –  for production of rPET foil, which thickness is constantly monitored through an automatic device, that ensures constant quality of tapes.
  • Ovens and stretching units – for final orientation of tapes with different characteristics.
  • Double wounding cages with automatic exchange of the bobbins, which ensure a constant production process.  
  • High-speed circular looms with width up to  4500 mm flat fabric.