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At times of intense discussions about circular economy  and sustainable solutions for manufacture of final products, we decided to take everything in our own hands, by creating something really significant.

PET bottles
PET bottles

That is how we came up with the idea for a new product, made out of up to 100% recycled PET for production of revolutionary fabric, that can be used for  creation of FIBCs /big-bags/, geotextile, multiple use bags and many other products by having at the same time plenty of advantages, compared to the virgin materials, partially or entirely used for similar applications.

The usage of recycled PET helps for preservation of valuable raw materials, as well as for energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

This is the reason why PETECOFLEX commissioned the first installation in Europe in the second half of 2019 for production of revolutionary rPET fabric, made out of 100% recycled bottles.

As a major supplier for the main part of the machine equipment, PETECOFLEX chose STARLIGER & CO GMBH  – a leading European producer of high-tech solutions and machinery for manufacture of tapes, fabric and packaging, including for recycling of all types of plastic wastes.

PETECOFLEX is a consortium of several Bulgarian companies – leaders in plastic collection, treatment and recycling of plastic packaging wastes:

ECOINVEST – founded in 2000, with main activity collection, sorting and recycling of all types of wastes from polyethylene, plastic, PET bottles, paper, glass, metal and wood.
The company possesses 9 bases for collection and/or recycling in the country and all its subsidiaries are an employer of more than 500 employees.

UNITRADE – founded in 1998 , with main activity collection, temporary storage, pretreatment, sorting, baling, crushing, transportation and recycling of all types recyclable wastes. The company possesses 7 bases for collection and/or recycling in the country, as well as in Serbia, Romania, north of Macedonia. The company itself and all the subsidiaries are an employer of more than 500 employees.

BROTHERS PASHEV – founded in 2000, with main activity consultation, intermediation and trade with materials, supplies, machines and technical equipment for production of flexible packaging. For the last 10 years the company has been specialized in design, supply and installation of technical equipment for recycling of different materials like plastics, household wastes, wood and many other. The company has a long-term experience in trade with different types of flexible packaging, including FIBCs (big-bags).