From post-consumer bottles to brand-new FIBC

Innovative idea
for recycling of PET bottles to PET tapes, PET cloth and
100% rPET Bags and Big Bags

State-of-the art solution for recycling
of all kinds of PET bottles and flakes.


First European plant for rPET fabric will be opened within 2019, thanks to the joined efforts of Starlinger – European leading supplier of machinery for woven plastic packaging production and PetEcoFlex – newly established consortium by Bulgarian plastic collection and recycling leaders. Every year PetEcoFlex will revamp 5000 tons of post-consumer PET bottles, by producing 4000 tons of 100% rPET fabric for appr. 1.7 million FIBC

Revolutionary FIBC made out of tape fabric of 100 % recycled PET flakes


Prolonged stability and durability of packaging. Excellent performance, limitless recyclability


PetEcoFlex Bulgaria